Well Being Programs

Pilates Mat

The starting point for most everyone is on the mat. Begin with education and exercise focusing on the Basic Spine Warm Up. Prepare for all body movement and exercise training with awareness of alignment, stabilizing your center of gravity while ranging your spine and joints then applying it to balance.

Pilates Reformer

Using fluid movement the reformer apparatus guides you through exercises that focus on the Pilates core principals. Using various springs at different resistance levels you’ll learn how to control your movements and develop muscle groups at the same rate. The reformer is a great platform to work on stability and balance while toning muscle.

Fundamentals of Movement

The starting therapeutic land and water exercise class. Education and movement will focus on proper posture, gait, body mechanics for gentle, range-of-motion exercise, Basic Spine Warm Up in the seated and standing position, breath and relaxation. Individualized and consistent cueing from instructor will be given.

Pool Pilates

Pilates exercise realigns the body for better health and function. An aquatic Pilates program is a great first step to learning to control body movement and improve balance, posture, and core stability.

Aquatic Arthritis

Created by the Arthritis Foundation and YMCA of the USA, this 45 minute recreational exercise program helps to improve range of motion, muscle strength and endurance and overall ease pain and stiffness associated with arthritis and joint pain.

Aquatic Fitness

Our fitness class includes gentle cardio, strengthening and relaxation exercises. This is a great way to start a full-body conditioning program that is gentle and effective.

Personal Training

What Clients Say

“Such a blessing to our family. My mother in law had a fractured femur. After working with them she is feeling so much better.”
Pat G.
“They are extremely sensitive to their clients’ needs and I actually came away with more knowledge than when I first entered.”
Amanda W.
“Going to Megan Rich for physical therapy has been such a rewarding experience. She’s very accommodating and works around my body, as opposed to sticking with standard routines.”
Taryn B.

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