Physical Therapy

MRPT physical therapists invest in each patient’s goals with a strong emphasis on exercise, education, and manual therapy. Patients are seen one-on-one for 30 to 90 minutes allowing the therapist to responsibly manage all aspects of treatment and to develop a healing relationship.

Megan Rich Physical Therapy is proud to be one of Baltimore’s premier physical therapy clinics. What makes us unique is our motivating environment which includes a warm water pool and a staff that has the skills to keep you inspired and get you feeling your best. Our therapists treat all levels of injury including joint replacement, disk herniation, neuromuscular disorders, vertigo and much more. Each therapist at Megan Rich Physical Therapy aim to treat the whole person by taking a full body approach. Our one hour comprehensive initial evaluation will give the therapist the opportunity to come up with the right treatment plan specially constructed to manage your symptoms.

Megan Rich Physical Therapy has earned an outstanding reputation of quality care by making sure we deliver quality patient center care. During every visit you’ll be seen one-on-one as the therapist either performs manual therapy, coaches you through therapeutic exercise, or educates you on how quality movement patterns are the key to your success. This is why doctors from all over Baltimore refer to the staff at Megan Rich Physical Therapy.

The Megan Rich Physical Therapy Advantage

Individualized plan of care with a team approach

Our patient’s treatment and protocol are based on your unique situations, needs, experiences and goals. You work with one physical therapist but the team work closely together to provide you with the best care.

Highly qualified, compassionate, caring physical therapists who work with you one on one

Our physical therapists never leave your side while you are here. This ensures you are performing exercises correctly to optimize recovery.

Holistic approach to recovery.

Our physical therapists have a unique knowledge base that allows them to address your pain and impairment as well as the causative factors that lead to it. They treat the whole person.

Go Beyond Ordinary

Post rehabilitation and need to get fit or have a desire to become the next level dancer or athlete? MRPT offers classes weekly, taught by a physical therapist or specialist, in Pilates, Aquatics, Gyrotonic Expansion System, and more, to improve your fitness and educate your body correctly to put you to that next level.

What Clients Say

“Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable.  They really care.  Great positive atmosphere – pleasant – camaraderie among staff transfers to patients.”

Regina F.
“They are extremely sensitive to their clients’ needs and I actually came away with more knowledge than when I first entered.”
Amanda W.

“Going to Megan Rich for physical therapy has been such a rewarding experience. She’s very accommodating and works around my body, as opposed to sticking with standard routines.”

Taryn B.

“I was very pleased with the level and care of service I received.  My therapists were extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything to me.  I especially liked the one on one and supervised sessions.  Everyone was very friendly and helpful.”

Carol W.

“Megan Rich Physical Therapy provided an excellent therapy program.  The environment is friendly and courteous.  My therapist is skilled, knowledgeable, kind, thorough and professional.  I am very pleased with the progress I have made.”

Maria L.

Common Treatments Include:

Manual Therapy

Our therapists use a variety of manual therapy techniques from around the world to help with recovery of motion and pain relief. Manual therapy assists with the rehabilitative process and return to function but it is only part of procedures that should be used to reach your goals. Exercise and education following manual therapy are necessary to support the gains made and progress rehabilitation.

The following list of manual techniques are currently used at MRPT:

  • Butler’s neural mobilization
  • Myofascial release
  • Maitland mobilizations
  • Mulligan mobilizations, Snags and Nags
  • Strain counter strain
  • Muscle energy techniques

Dry Needling

A specially trained physical therapist uses a very thin needle into a trigger point, a hyper irritable, exquisitely tender point of a muscle, which will relieve pain, tension, and help restore function. Needles are sterile and disposable. Patients may feel a dull ache or a twitch similar to a cramp sensation. Even when effective occasionally there are side effects which include bruising or aching for a few hours or couple of days. Dry needling may use similar needles to acupuncture but the two procedures are very different. Dry needling is an evidence based Western technique performed by a trained physical therapist while acupuncture is based on Eastern medicine and performed by licensed acupuncturists.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio taping is a technique used to assist the body to return to normal function through the application of tape onto the skin. The taping prolongs the effects of physiological work performed by the physical therapist. Kinesiotaping affects the circulatory, lymphatic, neuromuscular, fascial, and joint systems. It is used to re educate the neuromuscular system and aims to reduce pain, optimize performance, prevent injury, and promote improved circulation and healing. At MRPT we educate you to tape yourself or have a loved one help you between sessions.

Electrical Physical Agents

MRPT utilizes the following machines to assist with pain and swelling reduction when appropriate:

  • Vasopneumatics
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Iontophoresis
  • Ultra sound
  • TENS


MRPT therapists will use:

  • Traditional exercise techniques and equipment:
    • Treadmill, Bike, Jump Rope
    • Free Weights, Theraband, Magic Circle
    • Ladders
    • Balance Boards and Cushions
    • Rotating Discs
    • Foam Rollers
  • Pilates mat, reformer, trapeze table, wunda chair
  • Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic Expansion System
  • Impulse Inertia Machine
  • Yoga
  • Feldenkrais
  • Swiss balls, small balls, marbles

Orthotic Fabrication

After a comprehensive evaluation of the pelvis, lower extremity, ankle and foot your therapist will determine what techniques will help you heal and recover function. It may be necessary to include an orthotic. Our therapists will first teach you a series of sophisticated foot and ankle exercises and techniques to improve your gait/function, enhance healing, or prevent symptoms.

Another way to improve your mechanics or help you absorb shock is with a pre fabricated or custom orthotic. We stock Australian made Vasyli orthotics which can help a variety of foot issues. If we need to customize your orthotic we will cast your foot then send it out to a lab who will fabricate an orthotic to our requests.

Aquatic Therapy

The unique water properties of buoyancy, floatation, and resistance enhance exercise, decrease weight bearing on the joints and spine, encourage relaxation and improve movement. Besides diminishing pain associated with degenerative and post surgical conditions, MRPT aquatic therapy programs incorporate the Fundamentals of Movement by including Alignment, Stability, Range of Motion of joints and nerves, Balance, and Breath as the basis then increase strength, cardiorespiratory, and plyometrics. Having a warm water pool on site affords unbelievable convenience and a one stop shop. Therapists can pick and choose land therapy or water therapy on any given day in response to immediate needs. MRPT provides a safe environment that is designed to accommodate patients with plenty of support if needed. Aquatic therapy is progressed in a creative way and is tailored to the individuals specific needs. Aquatic therapy is used in conjunction with other treatment strategies.

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